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“Better quality of life through better packaging”

FPA will facilitate the process of education and training for the packaging industry.

In an era of globalization and consumerism, packaging plays an important part in the logistics and supply chain. We also have to be aware of the target market specifications and requirements for safety, health, environmental protection, consumer preferences and many more, all under the subject of packaging. Packaging has a final say in the consumer’s decision to buy or not buy a product.

Training and development have emerged as a major educational enterprise in the past few decades for employees at all levels in order to improve performance in their present job, to acquire skill and knowledge to do new jobs and to continue their career progress in a changing world of work. Technological, economic and demographic changes along with other forces continually create new needs for learning. While new consumers’ needs are found every now and then, somebody is also involved in finding the best sources for providing the knowledge to meet such needs. Perception packaging education is essential for all.

Packaging education, backed up with training and information, in its multi dimensional role enable business to use Packaging strategically.

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